About Us

Dr. Sherry Rust

I am a TICA and CFA, registered, Sphynx cattery.  I have been showing and breeding these beautiful cats for many years.  It is my mission to provide the healthies, happiest, and strongest kittens possible.  Because of the care I provide to my kittens, I strive to place them with the most loving and appropriate families possible.

Therefore, before any wait list or deposit monies are acquired, the future parents have to be approved through the application process.  Feel free to apply if you would like to get on the wait list, or if you have found a kitten you are interested in.

My kittens all come with a kitten starter pack (food, toy, blanket, probiotics, lysine).  They will have all of their age appropriate vaccinations (usually three sets), micro-chip, rabies and your  TICA registration papers (if you choose to register your baby). I also will mentor anyone desiring to show their baby. I will be here for you with a life time of support and advice.